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A CPG brand wanted to identify and understand the best target consumers for their natural and organic packaged meat offerings in order to meet growth expectations. Prior to this research, the brand team conducted qualitative research that identified a likely growth target and was seeking a research partner to help quantify the size of this consumer growth target and to understand how homogenous or not this target may be. The brand was also hoping to capitalize on the accelerated growth that natural and organic brands have seen during the COVID-19 pandemic as shoppers look for healthy and quick meal solutions.

The brand team sought to better understand specific motivators for purchasing natural and/or organic packaged meat and how to craft marketing communications and promotions to better capture shoppers. To address these objectives, C+R’s analytic team conducted research in two phases:

  • First, an analysis of receipt capture panel data was conducted to size the growth target and to understand their behavioral purchase tendencies for packaged meat in total and natural and/or organic packaged meat brands specifically. 
  • Subsequently, a quantitative study was conducted to better understand this growth target through their attitudes, beliefs, motivators, and behaviors in order to motivate them to purchase the client’s brand. Key areas of analysis focused on better understanding the behaviors uncovered in the behavioral analysis, identifying elements attracting consumers to the category, uncovering opportunities to influence their shopping, and profiling the best target for optimizing future messaging.

A CPG brand needed to better understand the packaged meat category and profile shoppers who would likely be prime prospects for their natural and organic meat product offerings. This research would be used to help inform future marketing communication and promotion strategies (in and out of store) geared toward attracting and enticing shoppers to their product offerings, specifically focused on natural and organic entries. This research was perfectly primed to help incorporate findings on changes in health and wellness attitudes in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic. 


The research uncovered that the client’s growth target is not a homogenous group and identified key consumer targets within the segment to become the key focus for the client’s sales and innovation team. The research revealed synergies between the client’s brand buyers and these key target consumers, particularly with respect to attitudes on health and wellness, animal welfare, and the environment.  Based on this research, the team profiled current brand buyers against key target consumers to help align marketing tactics to achieve the biggest slice of the pie. At the same time, the analysis also detected some potential challenges – particularly in encouraging trial and repeat purchases, which highlighted a key action item. 

The research also confirmed that several new consumers have purchased natural and/or organic packaged meat since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic as consumer attitudes and behaviors have evolved. These shoppers are looking for quick and easy meal solutions they can feel good about eating and serving their family members. 

These findings helped us provide valuable insight on how to reach target consumers with the right message and the right lead product at the right time and in the right setting.


A multi-phase research approach was used to gain a deep understanding of packaged meat purchasing behavior and usage of natural and organic products. First, a behavioral analysis was used to:

  • Increase understanding in consumers’ purchasing behavior of packaged meat,
  • Uncover any purchase differences between natural and/or organic packaged meat and non-natural and/or organic, and
  • Quantify the population of individuals who are engaged in purchasing natural and/or organic packaged meat, as well as those who do not purchase the client’s brand.

Subsequently, a quantitative phase, including an attitudinal consumer segmentation was conducted to confirm packaged meat behaviors and further refine the target of natural and/or organic buyers for the CPG packaged meat client. The online quantitative survey was focused on consumers already engaged with natural and/or organic packaged meat and validated through receipt capture sample. Additional topics uncovered through the quantitative survey included:

  • Factors important when purchasing packaged meat
  • Barriers to purchasing natural and/or packaged meat, as well as the client’s brand
  • Brand engagement, specifically with the natural and/or and organic brands
  • Use of packaged meat
  • Attitudes and beliefs related to health and wellness, sustainability, and animal welfare
  • Lifestyle and psychographics related to shopping, cooking, and media and digital usage

Deliverables included a behavioral sizing report, awareness and usage report, and a segmentation analysis to further articulate the best consumers to target in marketing strategies and communications

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