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The vast majority of the services C+R offers are custom solutions to help our clients achieve their strategic business goals.  One notable exception is our syndicated offering, YouthBeat®, which is a holistic study of preschoolers, kids, tweens, teens, and parents. YouthBeat® has been collecting survey data on youth and parents continuously for over a decade, and C+R was interested in linking its deep knowledge of family attitudes and behaviors to receipt-based purchase data (leveraging our partnership with Numerator), in order to use existing databases to develop messaging strategies for four segments of parent shoppers. This represents one type of study C+R conducts under its Illuminator® suite of solutions that link behavioral shopper data to attitudinal primary research data.

For this initiative, C+R utilized a multi-modal approach to develop the segmentation and gain new and differentiating insights based on the two streams of mutually exclusive data. The YouthBeat® team selected a series of five questions from the ongoing parent survey it conducts quarterly and initiated a survey among Numerator’s Omnipanel panelists (knowing their purchase data).

Using the results from the survey, C+R developed a segmentation with four distinct segments and was able to understand the unique purchase behaviors of each segment. Then, the resulting typing tool was used to segment the original YouthBeat® parents. This resulted in a differentiated understanding of many other areas of their family’s lives, from activities to media usage to attitudes towards advertising. Finally, C+R utilized its next scheduled wave of YouthBeat® to embed a video question in the survey, partnering with VoxPopMe to bring each segment to life.

Through this process, we activated two disparate, existing databases, and with some creativity and solid partnerships, elevated them both into strategically actionable, memorable, and interesting insights. 


With the continually shifting consumer packaged goods (CPG) and media landscapes, C+R was interested in linking our deep expertise around parents and families, our large proprietary YouthBeat® database, and actual behavior via Numerator’s database. Using advanced analytics, we wanted to achieve a one of a kind understanding of how parents navigate their shopping and exposure to advertising messaging. Because neither the YouthBeat® nor Numerator databases in isolation could fully explain how different types of parents navigate shopping and advertising exposure, C+R used advanced analytics to combine them.

C+R was interested in differentiating types of parent shoppers, including understanding their parenting styles, what activities they do with their families, orientations towards shopping, and media consumption—particularly  television.

With this, we set out to develop a segmentation for which we could achieve two important goals:

  1. Create memorable “portraits” of each segment to socialize throughout an organization to allow team members to develop empathy for them, and
  2. Advise media buyers and category managers of the most effective strategies for reaching each individual segment 

By developing a typing tool from the Numerator data, and applying that tool to our YouthBeat® data, we created a four-segment solution to the parent marketplace: 

  • Convenience + Value: Tend to be Non-Hispanic White, female, married, and midwestern. They’re on the go and constantly driving kids to activities, listening to car radio, and relying on convenience foods to feed the family. They love receiving coupons via direct text and watching reality TV.
  • Upwardly Mobile Dads: Hard-working, over index on Hispanic. Listen to the car radio on their commutes, and don’t like online advertising. Willing to splurge on premium items like NFL tickets or a great cut of beef or pork. Watches sports and will co-view with their children.
  • Brand Loyalist Buddies: More rural, female, and Hispanic, these parents want to be a friend as much as a parent to their children. They listen to their children’s wishes at the grocery store and stock up on indulgent items like soda and hot dogs. They love co-viewing their children’s favorite TV shows or the excitement of game shows.
  • Crunchy Granola: The most urban and educated segment, and most likely to have just a single child. Very hands-on parents who appreciate online information and advertising.  They have lots of organic, local, and whole foods in their baskets, but fast-food restaurants are also in their family’s feeding repertoire.

C+R conducted a multi-phase hybrid research study, utilizing both internal and external data sources. We began this research by selecting just five of the attitudinal-battery questions that continuously field to parents in our YouthBeat® survey. We partnered with Numerator to field those questions among their Omnipanel panelists (where purchase data is collected) with a survey.  Based on the results from the survey, we were able to segment parent shoppers into four groupings. We were then able to look at their purchase data by segment for the past year through Numerator. We were also able to develop a typing tool to apply back to our YouthBeat® database, and mine holistic lifestyle information for each segment, including media usage and attitudes towards shopping.

Layering on top of this rich segmentation data, we leveraged our next wave of YouthBeat® data to harvest video responses about each segment’s attitudes towards products, to bring them to life for senior leadership. 

With C+R’s collective data from a range of methodologies and partnerships, we were able to demonstrate how to utilize existing resources in a creative and illustrative way. Further, we were able to develop compelling portraits of four distinct parent shopper types and provide detailed strategic insights for how to reach them across multimedia platforms, even as specific as the genres or titles of television programming they watch with their children. 

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