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For years, a well-known kids’ brand had conducted brand health “pulses” as well as more consistent tracking when there was a campaign they wanted to measure on a more frequent basis. However, the research was always conducted via a Do-It- Yourself (DIY) survey, and they knew there was an opportunity to get more from their tracking efforts. Specifically,  the brand felt that having an Insights partner’s  perspective, and one that has youth/parenting expertise, would help to take their tracking research to another level.


Being an established brand has benefits and drawbacks – awareness of the brand name is strong, but some parents only know the brand of their childhood – and some may not even be aware that the brand is still alive and well. At the same time, the number of brands offering educational entertainment and educational toys to children has greatly expanded since this brand’s inception.

To that end, it was important for our client to maintain a pulse on the market – not only in terms of the health of their brand, but also to identify brands that are making inroads as “kid experts” and/or what brands are up-and-comers to keep an eye on.


As expected, parents’ claimed awareness of our client’s brand was very strong – grandparents even stronger given the brand’s age. And, as expected, while parents/grandparents were familiar with the brand, they had not interacted with the brand as recently as other kids’ brands.

However, beyond what was expected, we were also able to identify strengths and weaknesses vs. the competition – both in terms of what each brand “owns” across the entire landscape and when comparing two brands directly to each other. Advanced analytics also identified which attributes really drive parents’/grandparents’ satisfaction with brands – enabling us to highlight the areas where the brand should put its focus for future marketing efforts.

In addition, because the tracker was designed to be flexible and adaptable, it aided in the brand’s efforts beyond standard marketing efforts – helping them to continue to position themselves as experts in the kids’ & parents’ space. For example, over a couple of months, traditional and video open ends were employed to get a pulse on parents’ & grandparents’ outlook given the state of the nation – in particular, what aspects of life bring their family joy these days. Throughout the year, these “ad hoc” questions are adjusted to focus on a topic that the brand wants to explore further and leverage for PR.

On a regular basis, the client utilizes a data portal to get a read on key performance indicators (KPIs) throughout the year – comparing months and/or quarters, with an extensive analysis conducted twice a year for a deep dive into the current competitive situation.


A “continuous” tracking program was developed, where parents and grandparents are interviewed for one week each month. 

While there are some slight nuances in terms of questions, most of the survey is the same for both parents and grandparents – covering awareness and familiarity, recent interactions with brands, as well as consideration, loyalty, satisfaction, and perceptions of several “priority” brands. Sample composition is consistent month-to-month among both parents and grandparents, with parents comprising a majority of the sample. And unaided awareness is monitored each month to identify any “up-and-coming” brands our client may want to start keeping a pulse on.

A deep dive report is provided twice each year that includes findings for all measures and incorporates several statistical analyses – in particular, drivers, quadrant and gap analyses, and perceptual maps – to paint the full picture and show changes over time. In addition, given this client’s subscription to C+R’s syndicated YouthBeat offering, we not only provide our parent/youth perspective as we would for any client in the youth/family space but also layer findings from YouthBeat into our analysis. For other time periods (outside of analysis & reporting), the client is provided with a data dashboard that enables them to easily track performance among key audiences, as well as conduct deep dives into areas of particular interest in a given month/quarter. 

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