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What happens when product testing shows you have a great product but that isn’t translating into sales at shelf?


Previously, C+R had worked with our client to conduct in-home product testing for a new dippable peanut butter spread. Consumers loved the idea behind the product; and when they tasted it, they loved it even more!
But once launched, sales were not taking off as our client anticipated even though the product had solid placement in the store and clear signage. One hypothesis was that the creative the team used was focusing too much on the brand and not enough on the product and the consumer end benefits.

The client didn’t have time for traditional concept testing as they were under a fast deadline to optimize the creative; we knew the perfect approach to meet this criteria: CopyIQ.


Four new creative approaches were tested. The quantitative findings provided hard numbers around appeal and purchase motivation while the qualitative findings helped to craft what was needed to optimize the creative. This resulted in the finding that none of the new creatives do enough on their own to convey the product benefits. In fact, a hybrid of two creatives was needed to give consumers a reason to believe and motivation to act. 


C+R conducted a CopyIQ test, which is a dynamic, real-time qual/quant research tool that brings together key stakeholders and participants for a highly engaging, interactive research session. Clients like that CopyIQ is a live, moderated discussion with real-time results and the ability to adapt questioning on-the-fly. 

During the session, C+R led a group discussion with the client which included walking through qualitative and quantitative findings in real time. And, the entire team was able to explore topics that emerged and ask questions/probe respondents “on the fly.” 
Once the session was over, C+R and the client spent time debriefing which helped to recap everything we had just heard and settle on some overall themes. 

Though the clients left the session and debrief with a clear understanding of the direction the creative needed to focus (all in just a couple of hours!), C+R also provided a report with a cohesive story that wove in the qualitative and quantitative findings detailing how to craft more compelling creative to support this product launch. 

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