ESG Strategies: Aligning with Your Acquisition and Retention Strategies

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Unveil the New Era of Business Strategy: Leveraging ESG for Competitive Advantage

Navigating through a rapidly evolving business landscape can seem daunting, especially with the increasing demand for sustainable, socially responsible, and good governance practices. But have you ever considered turning these challenges into unique opportunities?
Join us for our must-attend webinar, where we reveal how businesses can harness these pressing changes to emerge as front-runners in their industries.

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Our B2B gurus, Alex Palermo and Chelsea Glass will reveal:

  • Emerging Technologies: Uncover how the latest technologies can elevate your ESG strategy and give you a competitive edge.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Discover the power of CSR in winning over customers and retaining top-notch talent.
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction: Learn how shrinking your carbon footprint isn’t just good for the environment and your business.

They will also share five compelling strategies on how businesses leverage ESG to broaden their market share and lessen their environmental impact.

Turn the tides of challenge into a wave of opportunity. Set yourself apart in your industry and build a future-ready business with our transformative webinar. Don’t miss out!

Alex Palermo

Senior Vice President, B2B Research

Chelsea Glass

Senior Director, Quantitative Research