Focus Groups Aren’t Dead eBook

About This Ebook

Focus Groups Aren’t Dead.

In fact, focus group are alive and well. However, for you, maybe focus groups have become an outlawed approach by your company, but why? The key is knowing when a focus group is a right approach and when you are better off with a different methodology.

In this eBook, C+R provides the insight you need for when to use focus groups and how to get buy-in when “focus groups” are taboo.

A few of the advantages of focus groups include also mentioned in our webinar:

  • Focus groups are an agile solution for complex topics
  • Focus groups allow consumers to get hands-on with stimuli
  • The social dynamics in a focus group can be used to debate and ideate

While it’s true that there is an array of technical tools at our disposal to connect with consumers and observe their behavior, focus groups are very much alive and well.  We explain when to use Focus Groups and how to execute them effectively in your research strategy.

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Kat Figatner

Senior Vice President, In-Person Qualitative Research