How to Leverage Online Qual for Real Consumer Connections

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About This Webinar

Leading-edge tools and technologies created for qualitative research have helped us immerse with consumers in new ways.  We are now able to uncover behaviors unobtrusively, dive deep into emotions, and explore attitudes and perceptions from multiple angles.  Online qualitative methods have helped our clients to understand their core consumers in ways that help them build brand strategies, create new products, optimize messaging, and more. 

Watch a live panel of C+R’s Online Qual experts as they discuss how your organization can immerse with your consumers. 

Our expert panelists, Ashley Agbay, Senior Research Director, Shaili Bhatt, Senior Research Director, and Ashleigh Williams, Research Director, led by Senior VP of Online Immersion, Erin Barber, discussed online qual best practices, new/innovative approaches and the many other ways that can be leveraged to deep dive into consumers’ emotions.  

During this live discussion, you’ll learn:

  • About the myriad of online qualitative approaches available and when to use each of them
  • How to use online tools to bring consumers to life, including emotive exploration, and the ability to capture experiences in-the-moment, etc.
  • How other clients have benefited from online qualitative, specifically showcasing case studies around creative optimization, product innovation, consumer journeys, and more

Learn how your company/brand can benefit from the vast array of new possibilities with online qual research.