A Needle in a Haystack: Finding the Right B2B Respondent

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About This Webinar

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In this Emerge Smarter webinar, we spotlighted our B2B research practice. Watch now and hear a lively discussion with Alex Palermo, Vice President, and Audrey Tripp, Senior Research Analyst, as they discussed various B2B research methods and how we approach conducting B2B market research.

Alex and Audrey discussed:

  • The unique challenges of finding the right business decision-maker
  • Tips for effective B2B market research recruiting
  • How the pandemic impacted B2B research
  • How to avoid common pitfalls in a qualitative or quantitative recruit

Alex Palermo

Senior Vice President, B2B Research

Audrey Tripp

Senior Research Analyst, Quantitative Research

Mary McIlrath

Senior Vice President, C+R Alum