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A major food manufacturer needed to identify opportunities and unmet needs of consumers to drive innovation around frozen snacks and appetizers. Before launching new products, they wanted to better understand how shoppers perceive these products and shop in this specific category. In addition, they wanted help with a merchandising strategy and guidance for product development.


Through our research, the client was able to identify and optimize a strategy for merchandising and shelving their new products based on key data and important consumer insights.

Major outcomes included:


  • Outlining how consumers shop for, identify, and use frozen appetizers and snacks
  • Identifying the optimal shelving strategy based on decision catalysts uncovered by our research
  • Optimizing in-store purchase opportunities based on the type of shopping trip
  • Uncovering key barriers to avoid that would limit product success



C+R used a combination of online qualitative and quantitative research to pinpoint several key findings, including:

  • How consumers shop and perceive these specific types of products
  • Major purchase barriers for the product vertical
  • Key influence points along the shopping journey
  • Clear direction on how new products should be merchandised
  • Optimal organization of the aisle and overall shelving strategy