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Online Research Communities and Panels

Consumers are already talking about your brand. C+R's InTouch Communities and Panels help you join the conversation.

We are pioneers in the online panel space with over 17 years building, sustaining, and utilizing panels and communities. We are vested - we manage panels and communities on behalf of clients, but we also invest in our own. We manage B2B and B2C communities, and we're pros at delivering focused insightful results.

We offer both custom interactive communities and online access panels.


When you want to immerse yourself in your consumers' worlds to build empathy over time, an online community is a good place to start. Online communities allow us to truly see and hear consumers' lives. Whether it's understanding what makes them tick, or understanding how they use a particular product, how they shop, and what they think about new product ideas, communities make it easier for consumers to describe their behavior and feelings at length, in a unbiased environment.

Our communities provide a hub in which projects take place and your target audience can interact with each other, offering a more intimate glimpse into their worlds. Whether you need a short-term or long-term community, or have a desire to "do-it-yourself" we have the resources to accommodate your research needs.


Panels, are different from communities in that participants do not interact with each other on a day-to-day basis. Panels are best used when you don't need that high touch interaction with consumers on an ongoing basis. Our panels consist of a profiled database of pre-recruited individuals who can be easily segmented and quickly accessed for your research needs. You specify criteria for people you want to engage with, and we create a custom panel to power your research.

We Leverage Both Digital And Traditional Methods

Our team uses a range of mobile and PC-based tools and technologies, including but not limited to online discussions, chat sessions, mark-up tools, co-creation tools, webcam IDI's, qualitative and quantitative surveys, photo and video uploads, and more!

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