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We Help You Keep the Conversation Going.

Long-term online communities are perfect when you need to address multiple research objectives on an on-going basis or wish to continuously engage with consumers for feedback and ideas. Whether for six months, twelve or longer, our community managers provide you with flexible tools to conduct any combination of qualitative and/or quantitative research among as few as several hundred or as many as thousands of participants.

High-Touch, Deep Understanding of Consumers.

When you want to talk to your customers or potential customers on an ongoing basis, consider leveraging a long-term online community. In a long-term community, your target audience is interacting on a day-to-day basis, whether it's for a specific research project/question or to talk to other community members. Long-term communities not only provide you with access to your target audience to engage in your different research projects, but they also allow you to 'listen' to what's important to consumers through member-generated forums/content; this helps you learn more about consumers as they share their stories with rich discussions, pictures, and videos. The ability to host research activities and hear about their daily lives helps to gain the insights needed for making smart business decisions that are grounded in empathy. You can also immerse with consumers over time by utilizing long-term online communities, conducting smaller projects on a continual basis to trend consumers' drivers and behaviors.

Get the Answers You Need - FAST.

In addition to the richness of information you uncover, utilizing a long-term, ongoing community provides quick access to your target. C+R pre-recruits participants who engage with our qualitative or quantitative research projects on an ongoing basis, giving you immediate access to your target audience and helping you get the answers you need very quickly.

Because participants are already recruited and pre-screened, you have ready access to participants for your ongoing communities, allowing you to get the answers you need quickly and easily.

We screen our participants and refresh our long-term online communities when needed, adding new participants to ensure you reach the people you want to engage with. Let us help you determine where a long-term community can fit into your research plans!

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