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Mobile Market Research Methods

Leverage the Power of Mobile Technology.

Mobile is the most important technology for research since the internet. The adoption of mobile in recent years has changed the way people not only communicate and interact with one another, but also with companies and brands. Mobile provides marketers and researchers with exciting opportunities, and C+R has been at the forefront, taking a thoughtful approach to mobile research.

We keep pace with the ever-evolving world of mobile technology, mobile communities and lots of research on research. While we offer mobile-friendly surveys (online surveys adapted to mobile devices), our approach and philosophy goes beyond just making the current survey tool available on mobile devices. It's about changing how we ask questions and interact with consumers and shoppers in the context of what they're doing and in a way that is consistent with how they're interacting with their devices.

Custom Solutions for Every Client.

We often refer to ourselves as "platform-agnostic". What does that mean? When we say we're "platform agnostic," it means that we look at your research needs and target audience and then determine which research methods should be used to get the answers you need. Sometimes you might need a mobile-friendly survey, other times you might need a mobile mission to get in-the-moment-insights, or maybe the best mobile research approach for your needs requires a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. Or, perhaps mobile isn't the right platform and we need to restrict to computer only (such as for discrete choice and segmentation studies). The point is that you can count on us, with our deep industry knowledge and practical experience, to develop and execute a well-designed research project to address your business issue.

Your Resource for Mobile Shopper Research

Research is the key to answering questions and making informed decisions. We have a vast toolbox to help you answer questions - are you trying to decide how the aisle should be set up? How the products should be placed on the shelf? What POP catches shoppers' attention?

If you find yourself asking those kinds of questions, mobile research can provide a range of insights to help you with planograms and point of sale materials. Remote mobile ethnographies are ideal when we cannot do in-person shop-alongs; remotely go along with your shopper as they navigate the aisles and see what they see.. Or, send your target audience out on a mobile mission to take pictures and provide in-the-moment reactions and behavior. A mobile diary is a great way to capture repeating purchases over a period of time. And, if you're interested in e-commerce shopping, we can record shoppers navigating the e-retail environment while providing commentary or answering our specific questions.

Whether you need in-store, in-the-moment, mobile communities, or simply mobile friendly surveys, we have all the resources you need to achieve your research goals.

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