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Communicate with Consumers.

Mobile communities are more than an avenue for companies to send surveys. They allow companies to keep pace with their consumers and have direct conversations with them.

Mobile research methods have been talked about in the market research industry for over a decade, but C+R is ahead of the curve. The very nature of our business requires us to be flexible and fast moving, which is why we are at the forefront when it comes to leveraging mobile communities.

We have the resources you need. Mobile communities or panels are perfect solutions if you have ongoing research objectives that require in-the-moment insights or heavy mobile user targets. Whatever your needs may be, we have pop-up or short-term communities, long-term communities, Flex/DIY communities, and custom panels available to help you achieve your research goals.

Gain access to your target audience. We have a pre-recruited set of communities, enabling you to reach your specific segments quickly and easily. Our mobile communities' participants engage in your research projects online or from any mobile device. We utilize mobile platforms that are app- OR web-based, depending on the needs of your research. All of C+R's community or panel solutions can be implemented so that respondents take the survey only on their mobile devices.

A custom approach for every client. Whether for six months, twelve, or longer, our community managers provide you with ways to conduct any combination of qualitative and/or quantitative mobile research among your targeted participants, whether you require several hundred or even thousands of participants. We have myriad tools at our fingertips, such as geo location, barcode scanning, and multimedia uploads, to ensure any experience is captured. All these tools open the door to all sorts of in-the-moment insights:

  • usage journals
  • purchase journey
  • in-store experience
  • on-premise consumption
  • video confessionals

Use Mobile Communities to Procure Perspective.

Today, people use mobile technology to share their lives by sending selfies, posting pictures, and reacting with emojis, among other things. And since they use images and video to communicate on a daily basis, C+R incorporates the way people communicate into our mobile research methods. We communicate with our respondents in the way they communicate with one another, keeping a close eye on the ways they are doing things online, and we integrate those unique aspects into our research methods.

So what our mobile communities offer is greater opportunity for a combination of qualitative and quantitative research to take place. For us, it's more than just delivering data - it's about helping you get perspective.

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