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C+R offers custom panels to help you achieve a myriad of research goals. Remember, panels are different than communities and are best used when you don't need high touch interaction with participants on an on-going basis, and there's not a need for participants to interact with each other.

Agile. Flexible. Cost Effective.

Are you trying to wrap your head around how customers are using your website? Do you want to know what your target audience thinks about new product ideas or existing products? Are you curious as to how your customers shop a particular aisle in the store?

Custom panels can be created to help you answer all kinds of questions. We're flexible, working within our clients' budgets and timeframes, to provide custom panels that give quick access to your customers.

Immediate Access to Your Target Audience

Custom panels are a powerful research tool when you simply need quick access to your target audiences at any given time. Custom panels can be either short term or long term, and can have anywhere from 50 participants to thousands. Participants are pre-recruited, and because we refresh their profiles every six months, C+R provides you with immediate access to relevant panelists who can be selected to participate in qualitative and/or quantitative research projects.

Keep a Pulse with Your Customers

Many brands know the value of building relationships with their customers. Custom panels are one tool to help you to really get to know them over time. Custom panels enable you to hear from your brand's customers on a regular basis, and as such, build a better relationship with them as you seek out their opinions. Having ready access to custom panels allows you to perform cost-effective research quickly by having your customers at your fingertips and ready to share their thoughts.

Achieve Your Research Goals

Our experience and capability are second to none, and we are known for "out-of-the-box" solutions. Let us know what your research goals are, and we will guide you every step of the way so you get the answers you need.

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