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Developing Unique & Tailored Options To Meet Specific Insight Needs
  C+R pioneered communities and panels over ten years ago. Since then, we’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge on this research method.
In this time of rapid change across all consumer goods and services industries, as well as employment opportunities, we thought it was a good time to reconnect with consumers and shoppers for our Consumer Connection Series to: 
In our next webinar series, we’re excited to bring together a panel of our Shopper Insights thought leaders for a discussion on the impact that the pandemic had and continues to have on people’s shopping habits.
Over the past year, the pandemic changed most things in our lives but especially the way that people shop. Three key areas shoppers’ habits have changed are:
Over the past year, the pandemic changed many things, especially the way qualitative research is conducted. In-person focus groups, in-home interviews, and in-store shop-alongs that are synonymous with “traditional” qualitative research have been put on hold due to safety concerns.
This Webinar Has Now Ended. Please Complete The Form To Watch Now.
This Webinar Has Now Ended. Please Complete The Form On The Right To Watch Now.
This consumer panel has now ended. Please complete the form to watch this conversation.  A podcast and highlight video will be available soon.
Do you have a need to deeply understand your CPG category but don’t have the luxury of an extended timetable or a vast research budget? Then our new DIY Attitude & Usage product called A+U NOW® is perfect for you.
Join us for an engaging Back to School discussion with parents from around the country.  We will explore this year’s mid-pandemic new “Back to School” experiences—including pivots and course changes families have been making since the first day of school.
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