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Where did the time go? It’s hard to believe that YouthBeat® has been keeping a pulse on kids, tweens, teens, and parents for over a decade now and we’re still going strong! We’re amazed at the amount of data we’ve collected over the years tracking the evolution of youth culture.
The journey towards change can be steep and difficult. From the devastating effects of the pandemic to the blatant examples of police brutality and systemic racism we watched play out from our homes, we were all transformed by what we saw.
Segmentation research has a long history of being considered the "pinnacle" of marketing research for its ability to deliver strategic insights that can shape and fuel a brand's future.
Do you have a need to deeply understand your CPG category but don’t have the luxury of an extended timetable or a vast research budget? Then our new DIY Attitude & Usage product called A+U NOW® is perfect for you.
Join us for an engaging Back to School discussion with parents from around the country.  We will explore this year’s mid-pandemic new “Back to School” experiences—including pivots and course changes families have been making since the first day of school.
At C+R Research, our YouthBeat® and CultureBeat teams collaborate closely to understand multicultural youth and families’ circumstances and needs.
At C+R Research, we continue to be committed to helping you connect with consumers in a meaningful way. 
Your prospects and customers are not all the same—learn how segmentation research can help guide your targeting and messaging strategies.
Whether you’re embarking on your very first wave of brand health tracking or looking to refine an existing program, we’re giving you a peek into our best-in-class strategies for optimizing your tracking program to ensure you make smart decisions about what comes next for your brand.
To kick off Hispanic Heritage Month, we will talk about the state of the Hispanic consumer and have a conversation with them to explore their sentiments about the current situation in our nation, their perceptions of the importance of Hispanics as consumers, and their views on the brands they connect with.
Join us as we want to keep the discussion going around racial bias, systemic racism, diversity and inclusion, and potential solutions for these problems across the country.
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