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With well over a decade of experience using online research methodologies, C+R has a dedicated research division which included experienced online moderators to meet the needs of any project.

We keep our ears to the ground and always work to offer the most innovative solutions. In fact, we have a specialized recruiting method that ensures we have the highest quality participants for your research studies. We're constantly vetting new platforms, projective techniques, and designing modern tools to achieve your research goals. We've conducted myriad research on research projects to understand best practices for conducting online qualitative with different audiences, including kids, teens, and unacculturated Hispanics.

Leverage the Power of Online

As consumers communicate more regularly online, we continue to evolve our methodologies to keep pace. We've mastered the intricacies of creating online communities around our clients' products and services to meet their business objectives.

We have conducted online discussion projects from those with more tactical objectives to strategic needs among a wide array of audiences. We’ve covered everything from:

    • Early-stage Concept Evaluations/Optimizations
    • Early-stage Creative Development/Ideation
    • Usability
    • Consumer Profiling/Brand Champion Exploratory
    • Product Usage
    • Category Behaviors + Attitudes
    • Inundation and Deprivation
    • Barriers Research
    • Consumer Journey
    • And more!

And, with our approach to online discussions, we are able to capture consumers' unbiased, more reflective opinions which allows us to become immersed in their lives as they're living them -- whether they're at home or on the go. And our online qualitative approach is not just stand-alone tool. We have leveraged online discussions to create a foundation of learning prior to in-person qualitative or quantitative methods.

When in-the-moment behavior is important, we leverage mobile technology to stay in touch with consumers and shoppers. We have special tools to integrate qualitative discussions within surveys in innovative ways to dive deeply into the data and extract the "whys."

Execute with Confidence

We execute projective techniques and immersive activities, like photos and videos to trigger and extract the emotional response that provides more perspective than a simple "question and answer" approach, giving you the insights you need.

Our moderators are specialists in maximizing conversations with consumers to uncover some of their deepest emotions and honest opinions. We are experts in online engagement and encourage deep connections that allow us to extract rich and insightful consumer stories.


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