Answering the Call for Clean Labels: Research Tips for Success

About This Webinar

Consumers are more informed and concerned than ever about overly-processed and ingredient-loaded foods. And they are making their voices heard; they want foods with ingredients that they can recognize and feel good about eating. Because of this, consumers are walking away from some of America’s most iconic food brands in favor of products with shorter, easy-to-read ingredient lists. But how are these brands responding to the demands of consumers? Some have aggressively reformulated most products in their portfolios to fall in line with these consumer demands for cleaner labels, while others are still determining their next steps.

As marketers, how do you determine next steps for cleaning up your labels? Is reformulation the best option? What other options are available to you?

In this webinar, Paul Metz, Executive Vice President, explores how your organization can adapt products to this new reality. In this webinar, Paul will cover:

  • Key challenges brands face during clean label initiatives and how to handle them
  • Different strategies your brand can take to make product offerings more ‘clean’
  • How to use research at key steps during product redevelopment to ensure consumers will embrace the changes
  • How to talk about these product label changes or new product launches to your consumers

Paul Metz

Chief Executive Officer