Filling up the Shopping Cart: A look at Bicultural Shoppers

About This Webinar

It’s no secret that the growth of the Hispanic market has been extraordinary. And just as importantly, the characteristics of the growth segment within the Hispanic market are reshaping this population as a whole. U.S. Hispanics are now younger, more bicultural, and exposed to more products, services, cross-media and messaging than ever before.

So what does this mean for marketers? As this segment of the population continues to evolve to eventually become up to a quarter of your target customers, how should we target them, and speak to them, and will culturally-driven messaging still be relevant?

Using survey data, online bulletin boards and in-the-moment mobile research, we’ve taken a deep dive into the shopping habits of bicultural Hispanics. Topics discussed include understanding:

  • How Hispanics choose where to shop
  • Brand loyalty
  • The main factors influencing new product trial;
  • Attitudes and usage of national brands vs. store brands vs. Latin American brands
  • The influence of coupons, promotions, rebates, bilingual packaging, celebrity endorsements, etc.
  • and finally, the role that the Internet plays for them when shopping.

This webinar will help you identify ways to reach your Hispanic customers and challenge you to think in new ways about this evolving segment.

Jorge Martínez-Bonilla

Senior Vice President, CultureBeat