Google Glass and Wearable Tech in Market Research: What’s Working

About This Webinar

As wearables are making a splash in the mobile market, it is important to explore the potentials of these new research tools as they emerge. By now, you’ve probably seen pictures of Google Glass, or perhaps you know someone who let you try on or borrow a pair of this smart eyewear!

C+R Research spent last spring and summer conducting market research with Google Glass. In this webinar, we will share our insights and experiences on using Google Glass as well as some alternative wearable devices that you can leverage in qualitative research.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • Features and current applications of Google Glass, dispelling some myths regarding its capabilities
  • Case studies and best practices for wearables in market research
  • Competitive wearable devices with compelling side-by-side comparisons

Join Kat Figatner, Vice President, and Shaili Bhatt, Research Director as they showcase the promising opportunities for Glass and other wearable devices in qualitative research.

Kat Figatner

Senior Vice President, In-Person Qualitative Research

Shaili Bhatt

Alum, Online Qualitative Research