shopper market research: driving a trifecta win


Shopping today, from groceries and gadgets to clothing and cars, has become more complex than ever as product options proliferate and channel options explode and evolve. Navigating this new omnichannel landscape can pose a real challenge for manufacturers and retailers alike. We can help. C+R’s ShopperEyes consultants are experts in bringing forth a win-win-win solution, tailoring the research to uncover insights that best address your business needs.

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Kathleen Blum

Vice President, Shopper Insights Research

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Creating the trifecta win with our shopper research

At times, efforts by either manufacturers or retailers to address marketplace dynamics can put them at odds with each other, as well as with the shopper. The important fact to understand is that in order to be successful, all parties need one another. The Win-Win-Win Solution balances the needs of three key parties: the retailer, the manufacturer, and the shopper. The solutions are intuitive to the shopper, increase brand sales for the manufacturer, and maximize category sales for retailers.

In order to achieve this, we ensure that for each project we:

  • put the shopper at the heart of our thinking.
  • seek to understand the shopper beyond just brand buying.
  • seek to understand the role of the brand in the category and within the retailer.
  • translate data into actionable shopper insights by aligning manufacturer and retailer goals.
  • provide clarity on how to drive growth by encouraging different shopper behavior through category, retail/ecommerce, and brand strategies.

Illuminator Solutions Customized to Identify Real Opportunities

The resulting insights and actions to be taken are only as good as the research design and execution used to derive them. At the heart of our Win-Win-Win approach is C+R’s Illuminator Solutions®, which leverages our many years of shopper insights and panel expertise—combined with our vast toolbox of in-context observation, qualitative, and quantitative research. These solutions coalesce to illuminate the most actionable insights to address your category, brand, omnichannel/retail and shopper business issues. We understand that each of our client’s goals is unique, and we build fresh research plans from an array of scalable solutions that reflect our clients’ specific needs and channels. What’s more, we are constantly evolving our methods to keep stride as the retail landscape changes.

Whether your most challenging business issue is at the category, brand, channel/retailer, or shopper level (or a combination/intersection of them), C+R has developed an Illuminator Solution® to address your research needs. We leverage a suite of tools including, but not limited to:

We then take the resulting insights and tell a story that gets you to the trifecta win.

Telling the Story Means It Has to Be Brought to Life in Engaging, Easy-to-Share Formats

Given the different stakeholders with whom results will be shared, we work with you to develop deliverables that best suit you and your team. Besides a traditional report, we have a number of communication pieces based on your needs, including infographics, sizzle reels, and retailer power pages.

Kathleen Blum

Vice President, Shopper Insights Research