A Third Perspective: Social Listening as a Complement to Traditional Qualitative and Quantitative Methodologies

About this Webinar

Millennials are all the talk these days. They’ve been coined ‘Generation Me’ or the “Generation Innovation.” They’re referred to as tech savvy, optimistic, social, unpredictable, creative, entitled, multi-taskers, who have life-balance. Marketers understand that they need to connect with these consumers in different ways than previous generations, but how does that translate when we’re talking about this new crop of parents – the Millennial parents?

Hot off the presses from our new Parenting Segmentation Study, we’ll take a look at Millennial parents, their parenting styles and differences by generation and ethnicity. In this webinar, you’ll learn …

  • About different parenting styles and how Millennials compare to previous generations
  • What universally defines all parents, and the differentiators between cohorts
  • What your brand needs to know to connect with this segment
  • Why we should all want to be a Hispanic kid

Alex Palermo

Senior Vice President, B2B Research