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Based on our long-standing relationship, and our category and shopper expertise, our beverage client came to C+R for help to support their category at a key retail partner. While research had been conducted a few years prior, the client was looking to update this information, as well as take it to the next level to drive category growth at the retailer.


This beverage client initially wanted to uncover any issues in awareness and conversion at the retailer. Beyond that, among those who were aware of and/or shopped the retailer for the category, there was also a need to identify opportunities, barriers, and perceptions of this category at that retailer.

Additionally, the category was only available in 19 states, and there were four different store formats for this category across those states, each with their own nuances. So, it was important to understand if state and/or store format played a role in consumers’ shopping behaviors at the retailer.

There was also interest in understanding shopping habits for the category in general (among purchasers and non-purchasers at the retailer) and the impact those habits could have on their engagement with the retailer.


The research identified several ways to improve the category at the retailer – ways to enhance for those who were already purchasing it there, as well as ways to attract more purchasers among those who were shopping for other categories in the store. In fact, originally, the client wanted to conduct shopalongs with consumers, but we were able to identify opportunities before the shopalongs – saving our client valuable research dollars. Specifically, we identified opportunities in terms of…

  • Making the category more prominent and increasing signage, as these visuals are key in triggering purchases. It was also suggested that the retailer potentially explore changing the store format to be more conducive to the category – specifically, to one that will make the category more noticeable to shoppers.
  • Fending off out-of-stock concerns by restocking fast sellers more regularly
  • Determining ways to make the prices more competitive

A quantitative study was conducted using C+R’s IlluminatorTM Shopper Solution. Specifically, the team utilized Numerator’s Omnipanel™ to identify those who had purchased the category at least two times in the past six months and had made a purchase at the retailer in the past three months (any category). With this information these consumers were divided into two groups: those who made at least one of their category purchases at the retailer in the past six months vs. those who made their category purchases elsewhere.

A mobile-friendly survey was deployed to the consumers to assess awareness of the category at the retailer (non-purchasers), as well as perceptions of the category at the retailer, drivers of purchasing the category, and barriers to purchasing from the retailer. Having already identified the purchaser types, there was no need to conduct detailed screening of these participants, and the survey was tailored based on which type of purchaser they were.

Demographic and category spend data were also used to profile these shopper types and identify where there might be opportunity for the retailer to shift spend away from competitive retailers and channels.

Results were analyzed by not only shopper type, but also store format (and even state where sample sizes permitted). Our client used the results from this research as they worked with the retailer on a category and brand strategy.

Learn more about how C+R leverages our IlluminatorTM solutions to provide clients with behavior and attitudinal consumer data through our answers for your brands, categories, channels/retailers, or shoppers by marrying C+R Research's qualitative and quantitative expertise with actual behavioral data collected from millions of shopping receipts.

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