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How Today's Mobile Trends Are Reshaping The Future Of Market Research

About This Webinar

2012 was a pivotal year as U.S. consumers rapidly acquired new technology, particularly tablets, at a record-breaking pace. Even as we are still witnessing this major shift in personal computing, we can't help but speculate about how this trend will impact the future of data collection for marketing researchers. From our vantage point, the coming changes in how researchers will collect survey data are going to be MUCH greater than those that the industry experienced when migrating from telephone interviewing to online, because mobile devices are fundamentally different from PCs. The changes in how we collect data will berevolutionary, not evolutionary.

Want a view of the future? Please join Walt Dickie, EVP, and Paul Metz, SVP, as they recap the mobile trends of 2012 and provide a thought-provoking perspective on the future of survey research.

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