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Our ethnographic methods are crafted to build an accurate picture of the way consumers behave day to day, helping our clients understand what consumers think and feel in addition to the reasons behind their habits and practices.

Our expertise with target consumers is a key differentiator for our ethnographic studies - we have the knowledge and experience to deeply immerse ourselves into the lives of a range of consumer groups. Observing target groups allows us to go beyond traditional approaches to ethnographies; for instance, we might conduct an immersion study, touring businesses and households in a Hispanic neighborhood to see how Hispanic consumers live and shop - all led by a bilingual moderator. Or, we can have a shopper wear a GoPro camera in order to understand their point of view as they scan items on store shelves.

While it's best to have clients come along on this journey into consumers' worlds with us, we recognize this isn't always possible. Our researchers can use Google Glass or other "streamable" technology so you have the opportunity to participate off-site, observing the research as it unfolds and asking any questions of our moderators in real time. This is a perfect solution for our busy clients who may be unable to travel for the project.

Sometimes even the researchers are remote! We can conduct "virtual" ethnographies where consumers document their behaviors and experiences on their own time through video and photos. This approach is great for capturing moments as they happen or over time - those instances we can't plan for and may otherwise miss.

Bringing ethnographic insights to life is critical for any successful project. C+R's in-house multimedia team is skilled at turning raw video into a video story; a story that highlights our learnings in an entertaining and compelling way. These video stories are a perfect way to engage your broader audience in the findings.

If you want to learn if ethnographic research is the right solution for you, please contact one of our moderators.