A Day in the Life of a Market Research Intern

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Alex Gajeski

    At C+R Research, we are lucky to have some great interns come work with us. We asked one of our interns this past summer, Alex Gajeski, to give us a bit more insight into what it was like to be a quantitative research intern at C+R. Below is what he had to say!

    What were your three biggest takeaways about working at a market research firm?

    Through my experience as C+R I was exposed to the whole market research process and all of the work that goes into creating value through research. My three biggest takeaways from this internship are: No project is the same. Working in market research you must be flexible throughout the process and keep specific client goals in mind in order to ensure a project is completed in a way that adds value for the client.

    There are many steps to the process that often take significant time to complete. Attention to detail is key in every step of the market research process.
    Market research is more than just the data produced. I learned the importance of keeping the goal of the project in mind throughout the process to ensure that the information found can be used by clients to solve a business problem or answer a question that they have.

    What’s something unexpected that you experienced at C+R Research?

    As an intern I expected to complete a wide variety of tasks without being immediately involved in one specific project. This summer I received the opportunity to work extensively on projects from start to finish. During this process, I was surprised at the many opportunities I had to offer my opinions and key takeaways I found.

    What do you feel your greatest accomplishment was during your time at C+R Research?

    I feel as though my greatest accomplishment was the personal growth I attained through this internship. I felt as though I started out with a very basic knowledge of market research and by the end of the summer had a skill set that I will be able to apply to my future endeavors.

    If you had to do it all over again, what would you have done differently?

    I truly do not feel as though I would have done anything differently. I thoroughly enjoyed the work I did this summer. I have gained a strong appreciation and passion for market research.

    How can you see what you learned at C+R impacting other areas of your life?

    Through my experiences on a variety of projects while at C+R, I was exposed to a variety of different data tables as well as the conclusions drawn from this data. I have noticed I have a better understanding of data since completing my internship at C+R. I have felt more comfortable drawing conclusions and noticing patterns in data as well.

    Do you feel like your thinking and/or way of working has changed at all? If so, how?

    My thinking has become much more analytical in my everyday life. I find myself thinking critically about many decisions on a daily basis. I have also acquired a greater attention to detail. I have noticed this particularly in my school work. Through the extensive checking of questionnaires, data tabs and slides, I was able to develop a strong attention to detail and have been able to utilize this in class assignments.

    How has this experience impacted what you think you might like to do in the future, career-wise and internship-wise?

    My experience at C+R has helped me understand how I can use my education and unique skill set in a work environment. I have found a desire to work in market research after graduation due to my experiences at C+R this past summer.

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