A Takeover We Are Okay With


Last Wednesday, November 7th, WXRT visited C+R for its “Corporate Takeover” thanks to one of our employees and an avid WXRT listener–Suzin Kortokrax!

Suzin has been listening to WXRT since its inception back when they were only on the air in the wee hours of the night playing the rock no other station did. XRT is the one station here in Chicago that has been labeled and known as “Chicago’s finest rock.” Not only does this station play a variety of rock (classic, alternative, current and everything in-between), but they are a station that gives back to their fans. So when Suzin responded to the WXRT question, “why should your business be taken over?,” Suzin’s response was simply put, “We are awesome, XRT is awesome, nothing more needs to be said!”

Over the years, Suzin has won tickets to just about everything–movies, festivals (such as Summer Fest), and so many concerts it is hard to keep track of. Her latest win was something everyone at C+R could enjoy. WXRT dropped by the C+R offices and showered our staff with a plethora of t-shirts, gift cards, CDs, and much more. The Corporate Takeover was tons of fun!

Thank you, WXRT. And thank you, Suzin!

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