Celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility: An Important Opportunity for Your Brands

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Mimie Lund

Vice President, In-Person Qualitative Research

As marketers, you know it’s crucial for your brand’s messages to be understood by and relevant to your target audiences. The Transgender Day of Visibility celebrated on March 31st, is dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating the accomplishments and experiences of transgender people worldwide. By recognizing the significance of this day, brands can strengthen their reputation and commitment to inclusivity and fostering diversity that creates meaningful connections with their customers and employees – many of whom may be transgender, have a close family member/friend who identifies as transgender, or are allies of the community.

Understanding the Transgender Day of Visibility

The Transgender Day of Visibility was created in 2010 by advocate Rachel Crandall in response to the overwhelming media coverage focused on violence associated with trans people. The day is meant to spotlight the achievements and visibility of transgender individuals.  It is dedicated to celebrating their courage and resilience, as well as their contributions to our society.

Why it is Important

Although 20% of Gen Z adults identify as LGBTQ+, with 10% among them identifying as transgender and 50% of Americans under 30 years old having a transgender friend or family member, these percentages are much lower for other generations. In addition, in 2023 alone, more than 400 anti-LGBTQ+ bills were filed in the U.S., with over half specifically targeting trans people! All of this means that marketers and brands have a serious opportunity to become true allies of the transgender community by raising awareness, amplifying transgender voices, uplifting their stories, and taking a genuine interest in understanding their unique experiences.

How to Connect with the Transgender Community

Seize the moment to celebrate diversity, promote representation, and foster connections. To effectively engage with the transgender community, authenticity, and respect are key.

Align Your Company’s Employee Benefits

Ensure your employee benefits programs don’t discriminate against trans people. For examples:

  • Allow your employees to use the restroom that corresponds to their gender identity or have gender-neutral restrooms,
  • Share your pronouns in your email signature, respect everyone’s pronouns, and
  • Include a variety of trans people in your messaging that doesn’t rely on harmful stereotypes.

Inclusivity in Language

As a brand, use inclusive language, pronouns, and terminology in your communication. When representing transgender individuals in visual content and narratives, ensure authenticity and avoid harmful stereotypes. By genuinely connecting with this audience and showcasing their contributions, you build trust, strengthen brand loyalty, and foster a more inclusive society.

Connect with us to learn more.

C+R Research helps connect brands with the voices of their consumers—this can help you deepen your understanding, which will aid you in fostering inclusivity and diversity to boost authenticity and resonance with your customers and employees. Want to learn more? Please contact us today.

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