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Robert Relihan

All of our re-branding efforts have re-energized me once more. Deja vu all over again, in the words of Yogi Berra. I have been part of at least half of C+R’s history. It’s exciting to take all of that experience and learning, gather it up, and take it into the future.

And, that’s what we are doing here in our blog — Emerge Smarter. C+R is a group of exciting, smart people, all with different voices and perspectives. We welcome you to share with us the many things we find new and useful about research, the industry, and people.

  • A new technique
  • A new perspective
  • A new method
  • A fresh insight

Why are we doing this? Well I know why I am doing this. I have conducted many different projects and enjoyed the prospect of getting shoulder to shoulder with consumers – discovering how they live, exploring what they want and feel, and producing some unique insights. But, so much of life and work doesn’t fit neatly into this or that project. These are the things I and the rest of us at C+R want to share…and perhaps, even engage in a bit of dialogue.

It is our hope that, from these encounters, we will all emerge smarter.

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