My Experience and Skills Learned as an Intern at One of the Top Market Research Firms in Chicago

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Olivia Vettel

As a student who has always been intrigued by data, I was excited to begin my summer at C+R working as a Quantitative Research Intern. This excitement was matched with nerves of what a career in analytics would look like and if I would be any good at it. 

My first week was a whirlwind of learning the lingo, the processes to check and pull reports, and the tools and software that were a part of the everyday work and culture at C+R. Although overwhelmed with the feelings that come with starting something new and unknown, I was eager to immerse myself into the role of an analyst and make the most of my time at C+R. It wasn’t long until I found my groove in the role and began to feel like a valued member of my team. The success that I have found in my position can only be attributed to the great group of individuals that make up C+R and the culture they have worked so hard to foster. The team members that I was privileged to work alongside took the time to teach me about the role of an analyst as well as professionalism. Whether it was teaching me how to check data, explaining my past mistakes, or answering my endless questions, their extraordinary support and guidance helped me develop the skills of an analyst. In addition, I was exposed to communication with clients, meetings with department heads who shared their vast experience and knowledge and company-wide meetings where issues were addressed and lessons were taught. These experiences expanded my knowledge of quantitative research companies, the market research industry, and C+R’s incredible culture

My time at C+R will not be forgotten as the lessons about hard work, client service and professionalism that were instilled in me throughout this summer are fundamental to success in the workforce and will be applicable throughout the rest of my career. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to work at C+R this summer and fortunate it is not over quite yet. 

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