Lessons from a Summer Internship at C+R Research

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As my summer internship at C+R comes to a close, I’ve taken time to reflect on the knowledge I’ve gained in the field of market research and how I might apply what I’ve learned to future situations. From developing and strengthening my technical skills to understanding how to manage client relationships, my experiences as a quant intern have covered all phases of the market research process. Although many of these experiences were related specifically to my role, I’ve decided to highlight a few that I can apply to my life both academically and personally.


Always put forth your best effort, no matter what your task or position is.


I’ve had the opportunity to work on many different projects; some of them I jumped in at different points in the process, and others I worked on from the project kickoff to the final report. I was able to see how integral each phase of the project is to producing an accurate and reliable final deliverable. Even as an intern where some of my tasks seemed minor in the grand scheme of things, I now recognize that my individual work plays a role in what we as a team deliver to our clients, which is held to a high standard. I think it’s also important to make sure your first attempt is done with the mindset that it is your only attempt. Making sure something is done correctly the first time will save you valuable time and effort in the long-run. I plan to keep this in mind for future academic and personal projects, which will help to increase my productivity and to improve the quality of my overall results.


Time and project management are key factors for your success (and sanity).


Working in market research allows you to work with different clients across all industries, and since C+R delivers custom solutions, the methodologies and approaches also vary from project to project. Although this ensures I will never get bored, it can also be stressful to work on so many studies at once. Managing your time across multiple projects is crucial to make sure you reach your deadlines and goals. Some weeks were much busier than others; so my manager encouraged my team to take advantage of the free time and use it to get ahead. This is something I will be sure to implement into my time management techniques for my last year of college. Having multiple projects, papers, and exams is very overwhelming, and taking advantage of my slower days to get ahead will definitely come in handy.


Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions.


Coming into this internship, there were many things I wasn’t aware of, whether it was a technical skill or even the lingo of C+R. I’ve learned that it is better to ask questions and make sure you understand everything before starting the task. You’re not expected to know everything when you’re starting something new, so asking questions is always encouraged. Making sure I have a good grasp on new concepts is something I know will be helpful in my college coursework, along with anything else I am starting in my personal life.


Thank you to C+R for providing me with so many great opportunities this summer! I’ve learned so much and can’t wait to apply it to my future experiences.

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