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eBook: The Nuts and Bolts of Product Testing

This eBook provides a comprehensive overview of our approach and best practices for product testing. It provides everything you need to know from the reasons why you conduct product testing and the questions you need to answer, to what method/approach is best for your objectives, to our advanced analytics techniques. From the simple to complex projects, qualitative or quantitative, our vast knowledge will guide you through the product testing process.

Jim Farina, Logistics Director

Placing your products in the homes of consumers is essential to market superiority

I stood on the loading dock marveling at how the driver backed the trailer truck into the tight parking space to offload his cargo. What is it today? It could be several of any products I’m expecting. “Are you with C+R Research?” The driver bellows, while he begins the process of engaging the truck’s pneumatic lift-gate mechanism. This action signals to me that this is going to be a heavier load than usual.

product testing

The Path to Product Testing

At C+R Research, product testing is one of our core competencies. Our years of experience mean we’ve worked through all the complex logistics on projects big and small, from shipping frozen foods across the country to installing appliances in people’s homes. Through our range of methods, innovative approaches to testing, and expertise, we can tackle product testing along any stage of the product development timeline.