Spring into Qual with the #1 Qualitative Team for Thought Leadership


With spring just around the corner, it got us thinking how spring and Qualitative Research have something in common—both provide a foundation to help things blossom and grow (like spring flowers or innovative ideas); they also help add color and context to this foundation.

We are also very excited to ‘spring’ on you that our Qualitative Research Team was rated #1 in Thought Leadership and Effective Use of Technology in the MarketResearchCareers.com 2019 Market Research Supplier Report Card survey. And, our Qualitative team is also honored to be rated #2 for Quality Deliverables and Best Employees.

To celebrate the spring season, at no cost to you, we’d like to give you the following qualitative tools to aid in bringing your research findings to life.

  • Video Storyology Report—A perfect enhancement for online qualitative research, we’re providing a video report with up to 5 minutes of footage from any project that includes discussion boards, shopper missions, digital ethnographies, mobile journals, etc. And, check out this case study that shows how a video report enriched the research project.
  • C+R Dynamic Video Capture—This is not your run-of-the-mill static focus group video! This enhanced technique uses strategically placed GoPros to capture close-ups of participants and their reactions. The footage is more powerful, providing higher-quality, deeper insights, and a more intimate feel to your focus group videos. Check out a case study that brings this tool to life.

To receive these complimentary video tools or to learn more about this offer, contact Erin Barber or Kat Figatner will contact you to book your next qualitative project between March 15th and April 30th.

Remember to contact us before April 30th to take advantage of this offer and mention Spring into Qual!

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