Gen Alpha and Gen Z Look To The Future

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Liz Dibley

Gen Alpha and Gen Z are mostly optimistic about the future, with about one-third (32%) of total youth feeling that the world will be better when they’re adults, according to our 2021 January-June YouthBeat® data.* Following past trends, younger kids represent the most idealistic, with almost one-half (47%) feeling the future is bright.* Also following in the footsteps of angsty adolescents before them, 38% of broody teens think the world will be worse when they’re finally adults.*

Concerned teens point to the negative behavior of others, as well as worries about the environment as their main reasons for being pessimistic. Meanwhile, when asked why the world will be better, hopeful youth share their belief in people being nicer to each other, more accepting of others, and highest on the list is the world going back to normal after COVID-19.*

Entering the third year of COVID, youth are more than ready for the pandemic to end. They have a prom to attend and spelling tests to ace! While there are still some advancements to be made before we say goodbye to masks and remote learning, youth have thoughts to share about how they’re feeling about the future in our latest video from our YouthBeat panelists. Check out what youth have to say in their own words below.

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*Source: YouthBeat® January-June 2021

December ’21 – YouthBeat asked: What Do Youth Look Forward to in 2022?

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