Summertime Fun Makes a Comeback

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Liz Dibley

Youth are back at it! Summer camps, family reunions, traveling cross country, and sleepovers with their friends top the list of plans young people have for the summer. COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted in most areas, and kids welcome a return to their sports leagues, showing their animals at the county fair, and visiting water parks. Half of parents say life is getting better.* YouthBeat® parents shared that good things are happening, life is returning to normal, and they’re looking forward to seeing friends and family members they’ve missed throughout the pandemic.

Youth agree with parents when we talked to them in the Spring, as 18% happily anticipate seeing their friends and family in the next few months.** More than anything, kids are ready to take a well-deserved break from school, with 29% reporting they’re eager for school to be out for the summer.** Evergreen warm-weather activities like swimming, going on vacation and hitting up the beach endure as Gen Alpha makes time-honored childhood memories.

Source: YouthBeat® May 2021 

From family trips to just riding bikes at the local park, youth are excited to engage in all the classic summertime fun. Watch the video below to hear our YouthBeat panelists share what they’re looking forward to most this summer. 

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*Source: YouthBeat® Parents May 2021
**Source: YouthBeat® May 2021 


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