Case Study

Using Brand Illuminator for Early In-Market Indicators


Over the years, the yogurt category has grown based on new product and brand entries. Leveraging key consumer trends has helped new products and brands enter the category and drive sales.

Given the successful launch of many different types of yogurts, a CPG client wanted to quickly introduce a new product into their U.S. portfolio. The product was doing well in Europe and they were excited to introduce it to the U.S. market.

To help the client prepare for a successful launch, C+R conducted two online quantitative surveys, leveraging proprietary communities and Numerator’s Omnipanel™ solution to get speedy and actionable results.


Wanted: Very Early In-Market Product Performance Analysis

Though consumer research was lacking, our client, a CPG company, needed to quickly launch a new yogurt product at a large retail chain in the U.S. With the goal of expanding distribution into other retailers, the company needed to obtain early in-market product performance and identify opportunity areas prior to retailer scrutiny of sales velocities.

Our client had research questions for two different audiences: their product’s “Early-Triers” and “Non-Triers”.

For Early-Triers, the goal was to understand attitudes toward the product.

  • What were this group’s reactions to the product based on dimensions of taste and other key criteria?
  • What could be leveraged in future marketing messages to address weaknesses?
  • What was critical for this group to buy the product again?

For Non-Triers, the client wanted to determine the effectiveness of their marketing efforts to generate awareness and consideration of the product.


Receipt Capture Data and Proprietary Communities Do the Trick

C+R conducted two online quantitative surveys to answer the key research objectives.

Since the product had very recently launched, it would have been difficult (and quite costly) to randomly identify those who had purchased it. So, instead, we utilized Numerator’s Omnipanel™, which tracks purchasing based on receipt capture. Through Omnipanel™, we were able to quickly identify and survey recent purchasers. For the Non-Trier target, we established and managed a proprietary community, providing the CPG client with immediate access to consumers. 

The result

Research Findings Led to Big Business Results

According to Early-Triers, the new yogurt product performed well on taste and other key product claims. However, for many, price was a potential barrier for future purchase. Among Non-Triers, awareness of the product was low. And although the concept showed strong potential, there were also opportunities to drive trial among the retailer’s shoppers.

C+R’s findings led the CPG company to adjust its marketing messaging and spend. Within two years, the brand became a $100 million business. 

Learn more about how C+R leverages our IlluminatorTM  solutions to provide clients with behavioral and attitudinal consumer data. Our solutions marry C+R Research’s qualitative and quantitative expertise  with actual behavioral data collected from millions of shopping receipts.

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