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Youth & Family Market Research

To create products, messages, and experiences that truly resonate with today's youth and families requires in-depth, authentic understanding of their social, emotional, cognitive, moral, and physical mindsets at every age. It means acknowledging that being in the youth and family space is fundamentally different than your work in other markets. The lessons you've learned don't apply in quite the same way. The frameworks you use to model success might require re-imagining.

YouthBeat's services are designed to deliver on our mission: To educate, empower, and inspire clients committed to helping make the world a better place for preschoolers, kids, tweens, teens, and their families.

To support our clients' needs, we provide a variety of services and products:

Custom Qualitative and Quantitative Research: Specialized Solutions to Help You Steer Your Youth and Family Businesses in the Right Direction

The methods and approaches that have worked for you might not work with an audience whose view of the world and communication needs are very different.

  • Our significant institutional knowledge about kids, coupled with experienced practitioners (including moderators with the gift and talent to connect with kids, tweens and teens and elicit insight from them), makes our custom research of the highest quality.
  • We have the know-how and experience to adapt and adjust traditional methodologies in age/culture appropriate ways.


  • KidzEyes is a COPPA-compliant panel consisting of more than 25,000 youth ranging in age from 6 to 12 years.
  • TeensEyes is an online panel consisting of more than 25,000 teens that are 13 to 18 years old.
  • ParentSpeak is an online community that enables us to access moms and dads across the U.S., encompassing children of all ages

Insight Institute: A Curriculum that Creates Youth and Family Experts of Your Own Team

A series of presentations on topics that equip marketers, researchers, planners, and content creators with a deep understanding of the most important topics related to youth and families; designed for organizations that are seeking inspiration and information over time.

For more information about YouthBeat, click here.

Multicultural Research

CultureBeat - Multicultural. Intercultural. Polycultural.

We all live in a multicultural world. Cultures mesh and influence each other, and the dynamics that intertwine them define today's marketplace and how consumers interact with brands around them.

Consumers seek brands they can relate to. They search out brands that are evolving in the same direction and at the same pace as the multifaceted culture we live in. Because of the multitude of influences on consumers today, brands must focus on understanding them from an individual and holistic perspective that encompasses the impact that all cultures have on each other and on the overall consumer.

C+R's multicultural research division, CultureBeat, will help you navigate through these new realities of the American social fabric.

We are a team of thoughtful, expert researchers from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Our research is driven by a constant desire to uncover what makes people different across relevant cultural nuances, while uncovering global realities that apply to everyone.

Whether you're looking for a Total Market strategy, or to gain a deeper understanding of specific cultural segments, we've got you covered.

We're deep thinkers, nimble and innovative in our approach to research. We're not afraid to rely on creative and out-of-the-box approaches to truly understand the world of continuously transforming multicultural consumers.

We know these people; we are these people. We go beyond research to add context based on our own background and experiences in order to provide our clients with a greater depth of understanding and connection with their customer.

Latino Research

Our LatinoEyes team is fully devoted to understanding the Hispanic shopper and consumer - their behaviors and desires, passions and drivers, and how their decisions impact your brands. What drives our team is our passion for helping companies understand this dynamic consumer segment and how their cultural journey impacts behaviors. We couple that passion with our solid research expertise and a collaborative approach to deliver impactful and actionable insights.

With over 20 years of experience working with Hispanics, our in-language, in-culture researchers provide relevant qualitative and quantitative services, workshops, and immersions that help you grow and succeed in the marketplace. Our proprietary LatinoEyes Acculturation Model provides a deep understanding of the acculturation journey to help clients' determine the most appropriate segments and messaging for their brands.

Shopper Behavior Insights

We illuminate your understanding of shoppers by providing deep insight at every point in the shopper journey.

Shopping today has become more complex than ever as product options proliferate and retail channels explode and evolve. Shoppers’ paths to purchase have become very fragmented and navigating this new omni-channel landscape can pose a real challenge for manufacturers and retailers alike. We can help. C+R’s ShopperEyes® consultants are experts at bringing to light the stories behind every shopper journey. 

Our expertise and breadth of experience ensure your journey to shopper centricity leads to successful omni-channel business solutions; some of the issues we help clients with are:

  • Shopper Marketing Programs
  • Out-of-store/In-store Opportunity Identification
  • Path to Purchase/Omni-channel Experience
  • Shelf Designs & Adjacencies
  • Point of sale communication
  • Website optimization
  • Category/Brand/Retailer Shopper Deep-Dive Assessments
  • C+R’s Illuminator® Solutions

Cross-Generational Market Research & Consumer Behavior

We bring decades of cross-generational research experience to the table. Over the years we've conducted research both within and across age cohorts and have developed a keen understanding of their behaviors and values.

Whether your business growth depends on Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, or Gen Z, we provide the information and insights that help you make smart decisions.

B2B Research

We realize how valuable B2B research can be, and also how it can differ from the consumer work that we do.

We have a specialized team of quantitative and qualitative researchers who are experts in B2B research. Together, they have decades of experience conducting research with a variety of respondents, including but not limited to small business owners, c-suite, physicians and nurses, hospital executives, administrative professionals, technicians, brokers, insurance agents, builders and architects.

Whether your research needs are big or small, complex or simple, our team of B2B specialists has the experience needed to recommend the right approach for your business.

Global Research

C+R Research's global services treat each local market individually, while providing our clients with a centralized approach elevating combined findings into actionable worldwide strategies.

We recognize that every culture and country is unique, and our approach to global research reflects this understanding. We realize that one research method doesn't fit all populations, so we offer a full suite of quantitative and qualitative research methods that help you understand each specific global market. We are also now offering YouthBeat Global, a syndicated study of parents that seeks to understand the hearts and minds of kids and parents around the globe.

And as a member of ESOMAR, you can be confident that C+R brings the highest-quality practices to each phase of your global study.

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