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Understanding the Components of Customer Satisfaction Research

C+R can help you understand the drivers of satisfaction/loyalty as well as those areas that contribute to customer dissatisfaction. We provide the road map that shows what you are doing well in areas that really matter to customers, as well as those areas where you need to step up your game. We accomplish this with a penalty analysis that specifically identifies the following:

  • Drivers - these are the areas that are both critical and risky. If delivered well, they have a high reward. If not delivered properly, they have a steep penalty on satisfaction.
  • Requirements - these are areas that don't have a lot of upside, but have steep downside if not provided well. Think of these as "antes" for the category.
  • Differentiators - these are areas that don't lead to a big reward or a big penalty, and probably matter to only small groups. Tactically, these are probably safe to ignore.
  • Delighters - these areas can reap a big reward in satisfaction, but not much downside if not improved.

Red Flag Reports: Essential for any CSAT Study

What do you do about those customers who are not happy, and want someone from your company to contact them? It's essential that you know who these customers are, and we can help facilitate the discussion by providing red flags on a timely basis (daily, bi-weekly, weekly - whatever you choose). We tailor the red flag reports to meet your specific needs. For example, for each customer, we could include information that is provided from the customer database records, as well as their answers from the CSAT survey. We also give customers the opportunity to provide additional open ended feedback to assist our clients as they follow up with the "red flag" customers.

Red flag reports provide an excellent public relations opportunity - customers are pleased to learn that your company cares enough to contact them directly, discuss their issues, and provide resolution.

Keeping your Stakeholders Engaged in CSAT

We will help you promote the value of your customer satisfaction tracker and keep it fresh in the minds of stakeholders through easy-to-digest collateral (such as newsletters) that will focus on a particular topic, segment, or burning issue. We can provide these throughout the year (oftentimes between reporting periods) so that CSAT is always on the radar for those who need a quick synopsis of the latest findings.

Reach out to us if you'd like to learn more about our approaches to customer satisfaction studies, or if you'd like to discuss your specific needs.

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