The Right Way to Conduct Agile Research

About This Webinar

In today’s marketplace, growing your business and staying competitive means having the ability to be agile and quickly respond to shifting demands and market trends. But how do you keep up when “quick” has been kicked up a notch? We understand that now, more than ever, there is increasing pressure to get the insights needed to make decisions even faster, without sacrificing quality.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What Agile Research is and why all the buzz
  • Qual and Quant agile solutions that won’t sacrifice quality
  • When it makes sense to use Agile Research (and when it doesn’t)

Listen to Erin Barber, Senior Vice President, and Kelly Gebhardt, Vice President, to learn some of the methods, processes, and procedures we’ve come up with to address the need for “quick” research results. 

Erin Barber

President + Chief Client Officer

Kelly Gebhardt

Vice President, Quantitative Research