A YouthBeat® Spotlight Starring Black Teens

About This Ebook

We’re proud of our eBook collaboration between YouthBeat®  and our CultureBeat colleagues, focusing on the Black teen experience. Some of our data depict this segment as less advantaged than their Non-Hispanic White (NHWhite) and Hispanic counterparts. At the same time, Black teens exhibit the most civic involvement of any group—heralding their hope for the future. In 2021, Black youth were comparatively optimistic about the future, with 15% saying the world will be “a lot better place” when they are adults, versus 5% of NHWhite youth. Yet, a fifth (19%) of Black youth fear that the world isn’t changing but staying the same, which could make the future worse than today. And Black youth are confident in who they are—27% would change nothing about themselves if they could, compared to 14% of NHWhite.*

Black teens’ parents have their eye on the future too, balancing indulgence and tough love as they bring up the next generation. Our YouthBeat data show a great deal of texture and nuance within the Black teen community, and we are pleased to honor them here. 

*Source: YouthBeat® Total 2021