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Amplifying the Voice of the Black Consumer – Part 2

Our June Consumer Connections series panel with Black consumers following the civil unrest that erupted in the aftermath of the George Floyd murder was very well-received by you, our clients.  Because this is an important conversation, we want to keep the discussion going around racial bias, systemic racism, diversity and inclusion, and potential solutions for these problems across the country. Within the Black community, there are a variety of perspectives that shape proposed actions aimed at eradicating discrimination. Most often these views and actions are shaped by shared generational milestones. 

For our next panel in this series, we are inviting you to join in by sending in your questions for this candid live panel discussion with members of the Black community from a variety of generational backgrounds. With this unique opportunity, you’ll hear directly from an intermingled generational group of Black consumers about events that have shaped their perspectives around racial injustice and what solutions they believe can help eradicate discrimination, including how brands can play a role.

During this moderated conversation, you’ll learn:

  •  Generational Milestones that have shaped their perceptions around various cultural issues (including Defund the Police, Criminal Justice Reform, The Crown ACT, Education Reform, etc.)
  •  Generational similarities and differences around solutions to eradicate discrimination and promote inclusion
  •  How reactions to company/brand inclusivity are similar and different among generations (including communications and initiatives) 
  •  Thoughts on the future 
  •  And, you’ll be able to get answers to YOUR burning questions.

We hope you can tune in to learn how you and your company/brand can support different generations within the Black community - now and moving forward.

Register now, and submit your questions!  

And, make sure to register for our next live consumer panels as we continue our Consumer Connections Series