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Survey Data Quality

Survey Data Quality: The Good, the Bad, The Ugly

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Navigating Today’s Data Quality Challenges

Rich Ratcliff, Chief Product Officer, OpinionRoute

I recently was a guest speaker at Suffolk University in Boston, MA within one of their master’s classes on Insights. My guest engagement focused on data quality. I had just come from the Quirk’s Chicago Event (Great job, Dan Quirk) where my conversations and attended sessions were all about data quality which made for an interesting mental backdrop.

Matt Werner, Research Director

By nature, market research is an industry that relies on having accurate data. It’s impossible to deliver great research and deep perspective if the underlying data is flawed. At C+R Research, we understand the importance of authentic, accurate data and have taken unique steps to ensure that the data we are reporting is of the highest quality. Our ability to deliver accurate results is something we pride ourselves on and continues to make us a leader in the industry. We truly feel this sets us apart. 

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