My Summer Internship Experience Learning Market Research in Chicago

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Amy Schreiner

My internship at C+R Research has been one for the books! I have loved experiencing Chicago and the great culture of this qualitative and quantitative research company. My focus for this summer internship was on quantitative research services. I have learned numerous skills that I will take with me into my career, and as I look for parts of my experience that can be applied to all industries, a few key points come to mind.

One thing that I have especially noticed at C+R is how essential teamwork is to every project. Not only does each project run through multiple teams from start to finish, but each team has multiple eyes on it. My team, for example, always has an extra person to review the work after it is completed- checking for correct grammar, data, and formatting—oh my! After it has been checked, it will be reviewed yet again in the full report before going out to the client. Through the process of checking each data point and claim, complete accuracy is ensured, and camaraderie and trust are strengthened within the workplace. 

This camaraderie thrives when people can count on each other. As we check each other’s work, we see each other’s strengths. It has been greatly emphasized to me at C+R that everyone has strengths, and everyone has something to offer to help the team. In one of my first big analyst meetings at C+R, we went around the room sharing introductions. As a part of each intro, everyone shared something that they are good at. In the meeting, Coordinators explained that now we know who to go to when we have questions. For example, I learned that Sophia and Anna are experts with Q Professional; Laura knows Excel like the back of her hand, and Brittany loves finding errors—”so have her check your reports,” is what we were advised to do. This community of learning from one another and helping each other grow is key to good quality work and a happy workplace. C+R truly exemplifies a culture of teamwork and strengthening each other. 

Of course, a team is only as strong as their weakest player—which is why I’ve loved the personal growth that is available at C+R. I’ve seen how there is always something more to learn—and this is exciting news. As C+R has given me tasks that I am unfamiliar with, I’ve been able to build skills for my career as well as discover more about things that interest me. I’ve learned new ways to obtain, manipulate, and display data, as well as how to work with new programs—to mention a few specifics. I have absolutely loved being able to push myself in new ways and broaden my knowledge. Thank you, C+R, for giving me an amazing summer full of learning, growth, and opportunity for the future! 

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