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Jim Farina, Logistics Director

Placing your products in the homes of consumers is essential to market superiority

I stood on the loading dock marveling at how the driver backed the trailer truck into the tight parking space to offload his cargo. What is it today? It could be several of any products I’m expecting. “Are you with C+R Research?” The driver bellows, while he begins the process of engaging the truck’s pneumatic lift-gate mechanism. This action signals to me that this is going to be a heavier load than usual.

Activation Workshops

Activation Workshops: Moving Research Off the Page Into the Real World eBook

This ebook outlines how Activation Workshops can stretch your research and research dollars.  It showcases several case studies that demonstrate how these workshops have been beneficial to our clients.

Even though we’re seeing a surge in agile qualitative with online research, we believe that in-person qualitative will survive, and actually thrive in this new environment.

Emerging markets contain a large number of untapped consumers who are seeking novel products and they offer potentially lucrative opportunities for multi-national companies to grow their customer bases.

Matt Werner

A summary of key takeaways from the NY Quirk’s Event which includes thoughts on the adoption and use of machine learning, VR and big data in marketing research.

Kat Figatner, Senior Vice President

The key to Focus Groups effective use is knowing when to use them. Here are five times when using Focus Groups makes sense.

Emily Prozeller, Research Director

At C+R, we have found that we're able to uncover deep emotional insights and build empathy with your consumers and customers with online and even mobile projects. To do this though, we need to earn the right with consumers so that they tell us what we wan

Emily Prozeller, Research Director

We discovered that in order to harness the emotional insights that you need from consumers during online qualitative you have to first earn the right to get those emotional responses and build that empathy with your customers. In this second blog of the s