Join LatinoEyes Team at the Millennial Mega Mashup Conference in Florida!

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C+R’s Brenda Hurley, Senior Vice President, and Juan Ruiz, Research Director will be speaking at the Millennial Mega Mashup Conference on May 8th at the Perry South Beach Hotel (formerly the Gansevoort Miami).

In their session “Millennial Parents: A Segmentation of Different Parenting Styles,” Juan and Brenda will discuss the ways in which Millennial parents view the job of raising today’s children. Using data from our annual YouthBeat® study and online community,, they will look at:

  • How this cohort crafts its own rules, its own notions of the “rights” of parents, and its own resources for helping them navigate through circumstances that look very different from those of the generation before them
  • How values and rules differ between moms and dads within this segment
  • How the Hispanic Millennial parent defines his or her role
  • How parenting styles impact shopping and consumption habits, and its marketing implications

To register for the conference and receive 25% off your registration, use our discount code MASHUP12CR on the Millennial Mega Mashup site.

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