A Fresh Perspective on Online Qualitative Research

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Kat Figatner

Senior Vice President, In-Person Qualitative Research

Online qualitative studies can be challenging for clients to get their team involved in the research. Unlike traditional focus groups, where clients are a captive audience soaking in the live research while snacking on peanut M&Ms, online studies can easily slip through the cracks of a busy schedule.

As a newer member of the online qual team, I am continually impressed by how C+R’s trifecta of stellar client service, operations, and research teams work seamlessly together to keep clients engaged in the research, thereby increasing the value they get out of it.

Our client service team sets up multiple touch points throughout a study :

  • platform walk-throughs to demonstrate to clients how to interact with the online tools,
  • mid-field “study halls” to watch the action unfold, and
  • post-study debriefs to explore implications of the insights.

These steps guide clients throughout the journey of the online project so that they are immersing themselves into the consumers’ lives alongside us.

Our operations team works behind the scenes to recruit and manage the respondents. By administering online screeners programmed internally, we are able to cast a wide net to find the right consumers who fit the target for each study. Once recruited, respondents are managed closely to make sure they fully participate in the research and produce illuminating data.

Finally, the crux of the trifecta is our analysts, who have an innate curiosity and passion for research. We design studies that both draw on traditional qualitative projective techniques and leverage the latest technology to create an interactive and robust discussion with consumers. Moderating and analyzing in teams means we elicit deeper responses from respondents and elevate the learnings to actionable insights.

C+R’s online qualitative team has grown exponentially in the past couple of years. Our trifecta of client service, operations and research teams has converted clients to see the value of online qual research.

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