New Infographics: The Voices of Gen Z and Gen Alpha

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Mary McIlrath

Senior Vice President, C+R Alum

Everyone is talking about Gen Z right now—they’re the teens and young adults disrupting old notions of brand loyalty and success and requiring alignment with their value systems. At YouthBeat®, we’ve had them in our panels since they were preschoolers—and now some of them are starting to rejoin as parents. That means we have intimate knowledge of their needs and easy access to them for custom questions. Here, we’ve put together a simple Gen Z 101 infographic as a starting point for your conversation with them—though if this is your first foray, you’ve got some catching up to do (we can help!).

The smartest brands are taking a long view, knowing that Gen Z ended more than a decade ago, and acquainting themselves with Generation Alpha (click here to view our Gen Alpha 101 infographic). They’re the most multicultural generation ever in the U.S., and they’re growing. These are the kids and tweens who’ve never lived in a world without tablets. And the year of COVID has invaded a big chunk of their lives (If you’re five years old, this is 20% of your existence). The time to get to know them is now. Get a head start on your pipeline strategies with our primer here, and reach out to find out how else we can help you get on board with their needs.

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