Amplifying the Voice of the African American Consumer

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About This Webinar

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CultureBeat, C+R’s multicultural division, is dedicated to keeping a pulse on the multicultural consumer.  It’s our responsibility as a trusted research partner to share our learnings with our clients to promote empathy and a better understanding of the consumers who make up these unique cultural groups. With civil unrest prevalent throughout many parts of the country right now, we are inviting you to listen in on a live panel discussion with members of the African American community that took place on June 18, 2020. 
Ashleigh Williams, Research Director, moderated a live panel of African American consumers. During this unique opportunity, you’ll hear directly from them how their lives are currently being impacted and what they believe brands should be doing to help to support and celebrate diversity and inclusion. 
During this moderated conversation, you’ll learn: 

  • Personal experiences with racism 
  • Perceptions on the effectiveness of the protests and why this time it’s different 
  • Reactions to what companies/brands are doing or have been doing to show their support 
  • Thoughts on the future 
Learn how you and your company/brand can support African Americans now and moving forward as we all learn how best to support and celebrate diversity and inclusion. 

Ashleigh Williams

Senior Director, Online Qualitative Research