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In addition to in-person ethnography, C+R offers digital ethnography. With digital ethnography, the desired outcome is the same. We seek to observe consumer behaviors in their natural environments. But doing this digitally allows us to understand their more natural behaviors, reactions and emotion as the consumer is sans researcher, client, videographer, etc. It allows allow you to observe and learn from consumers across the country, rather than a limited number of markets. And, we can learn from a slightly larger sample size, albeit still qualitative in nature.

At C+R, we use myriad tools to help us capture moments in digital ethnographic research through:

    • Journals/Blogs/Vlogs
    • Mobile Diaries
    • Wearable Cameras (Polaroid cubes, GoPros)
    • 360-degree Cameras
    • Passive Digital Metering

Digital Ethnography has allowed our clients to understand need states, product usage/optimizations, consumer journeys or path to purchase, and more. We can capture moments via video, pictures, mobile device, or any computer. And we can also send consumers out with special wearable cameras to capture their moments wherever they are.


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