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A Timely Discussion About Multicultural Research

The recent release of the 2020 Census results has revealed that the U.S. is more diverse and multicultural than ever before.


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CultureBeat Cultural Identity

Unraveling the Complexities of Cultural Identity

July, 2019

It seems like everyone’s getting their DNA ancestry tested now, and how we define ourselves has become so much more intricate.

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product testing

The Path to Product Testing

May, 2019

At C+R Research, product testing is one of our core competencies. Our years of experience mean we’ve worked through all the complex logistics on projects big and small, from shipping frozen foods across the country to installing appliances in people’s homes. Through our range of methods, innovative approaches to testing, and expertise, we can tackle product testing along any stage of the product development timeline. 

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Activation Workshops

Turn Your Actionability up to 11: Use Your Partners to Amplify Research Objectives for Results That Matter

April, 2019

You’ve secured a research partner and scoped out your research objectives. But what if there’s more you

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The Trending Truth About Kids’, Tweens’, and Teens’ Media Usage Header

The Trending Truth About Kids’, Tweens’, and Teens’ Media Usage

December, 2018

Have you noticed that every young person seems to be increasingly tethered to a mobile device? Some of the most interesting dynamics that have bubbled up in our YouthBeat® data reveal some astounding big-picture shifts over time! In this Emerge Smarter Webinar join Mary McIlrath—C+R’s Senior Vice President and Partner who leads the Youth + Family division—as she shares her perspective and insight on how this phenomenon might impact your brand.

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social media listening

A Third Perspective: Social Listening as a Complement to Traditional Qualitative and Quantitative Methodologies

August, 2018

Social listening is one of those buzz words that we hear quite often. But before engaging in social listening, you must first examine your objectives with this research. View our webinar to learn how social listening can be a powerful tool for providing a “third perspective” in your research programs.

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receipt data webinar

Powerful Brand + Shopper Research: Better Methods for Understanding both the What + the Why

June, 2018

Through our partnership with InfoScout, C+R has access to real-time receipt data, which allows us to marry actual purchasing behavior (the what) with our custom research expertise (the why). In this webinar we will illustrate how we have evolved our research methods to better address the most challenging brand and shopper research questions through leveraging the power of InfoScout’s receipt data.

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online community research

Research Communities + Partnerships: Seven Strategies to Take It Up a Notch!

April, 2018

Communities and panels have come a long way in the past decade. While they still provide quick, continuous access to your consumers of interest, there’s more than meets the eye! To “take it up a notch,” think of communities not as a stand-alone method or tool, but as a part of a larger research strategy and offering.

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agile qual webinar

Deliver Agile Qualitative Without Sacrificing Quality

April, 2018

In this webinar we will share insights on how to use agile qualitative research to optimize an idea or design, and how to garner quick insights and results without sacrificing quality.

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