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Micro Communities: Ideal for Generational Viewpoints

Join us for the next edition of our Emerge Smarter webinar series, where C+R’s Generational and Communities and Panels experts will discuss our newest offering in our Communities and Panels practic


Webinars on Demand

Digging Deeper Into Grocery Shopping Behaviors

Consumer Connections Live Panel #3: Digging Deeper Into Grocery Shopping

April, 2020

For the past two Thursdays, we’ve held live consumer panels to help you understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Americans.

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Live Consumer Panels

Consumer Connections Live Panel #2

April, 2020

Video & Podcast Now Available! Second Consumer Panel... New Consumers... New Questions

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Consumer Connection Live Pane

Consumer Connections Live Panel #1 Podcast

March, 2020

Podcast Now Available!

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Communities and Panels for Research

What do communities and snowflakes have in common? No two are alike!

March, 2020

Custom Communities for Today’s Insight Needs

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B2B Research

A Consumer Researcher’s Guide to B2B Research

November, 2019

In consumer research, we deal with pretty straightforward products (and, after all, we are consumers ourselves, aren’t we?); so this may be a space that you are most comfortable in.

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receipt data tracking research

Illuminator: How to Get Clearer Shopper Insights for your Brands

September, 2019

The crossroads of attitudes and behaviors has always been a key focus to aid us in understanding the trajectory of brands and to keep pace with evolving shopper patterns.

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CultureBeat Cultural Identity

Unraveling the Complexities of Cultural Identity

July, 2019

It seems like everyone’s getting their DNA ancestry tested now, and how we define ourselves has become so much more intricate.

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product testing

The Path to Product Testing

May, 2019

At C+R Research, product testing is one of our core competencies. Our years of experience mean we’ve worked through all the complex logistics on projects big and small, from shipping frozen foods across the country to installing appliances in people’s homes. Through our range of methods, innovative approaches to testing, and expertise, we can tackle product testing along any stage of the product development timeline. 

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