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Re-emerging from COVID: What Are Consumer and Shopper Attitudes & Behaviors?

In this time of rapid change across all consumer goods and services industries, as well as employment opportunities, we thought it was a good time to reconnect with consumers and shoppers for our C


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Uncovering A Marketing Blind Spot: The Rise Of The Single Adult Majority

Uncovering a Marketing Blindspot: The Rise of the Single Adult Majority

February, 2016

In September 2014, the U.S. Census reported that for the FIRST time in U.S. history, single adults outnumber their married counterparts. We partnered with TPN, a top retail agency, to launch a study to uncover key insights that are essential to understanding this influential group who we've coined, The New Independents.

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Millennial Speak: Effective Communication For Effective Insights

Groundbreaking New Community of Millennials

December, 2015

In this co-presented session, The Agency and C+R Research will share how this community was built and walk you through a case study showcasing the unique aspects of our new community of millennials and our approach to researching this all important generation.

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Keys To Winning With Emerging Consumer Targets

Keys to Winning with Emerging Consumer Targets

October, 2015

As consumers' needs change and shift, it's critical that brands keep pace. In this webinar, Mary McIlrath, Ph.D. will focus on two important but distinct targets - Millennial parents and one of the largest segments of the US population, single adults.

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Consumer Empathy In Action: How Brand Affiliation Can Influence Shoppers

How Brand Affiliation Can Influence Shoppers

August, 2015

Jorge Martinez, our Hispanic and multicultural expert, presents results of a LatinoEyes study looking at the impact of political and social issues on consumer attitudes and behaviors.

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Effective Ways To Uncover Deep Emotional Insights From Online Qualitative Research

Effective Ways to Uncover Deep Emotional Insights from Online Qualitative Research

June, 2015

In this webinar we will demonstrate how we at C+R Research leverage online qualitative research to generate revealing personal exchanges, uncover intimate sentiment and harness consumer emotion across a variety of product and service categories.

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Step Right Up! Increase Your Odds Of Landing In Mom's Shopping Cart

Step Right Up: Increase Your Odds of Landing in Mom's Shopping Cart

May, 2015

We went on an exploratory quest to understand how the purchase decision occurs when the target of the communication is the parent, but the consumer is the child.

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5 Digital Reality Checks

Mythbusting: Digital Assumptions About Kids and Families that are just Plain Wrong

April, 2015

The digital space is constantly changing the way today's kids play, learn and grow. And while it's a mistake to make light of the important opportunities that digital experiences create-for kids and for brands - it's critical to check our assumptions with information and insights that come from kids and families themselves.

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Glass In Qualitative Market Research / MRX Disruption!

Google Glass and Wearable Tech in Market Research: What's Working

November, 2014

C+R Research spent last spring and summer conducting market research with Google Glass. In this webinar, we will share our insights and experiences on using Google Glass as well as some alternative wearable devices that you can leverage in qualitative research.

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